Kristy Carberry
Client Executive

Kristy Carberry is a native of Sylvester, Georgia. A United States Navy Veteran, Kristy attended Pensacola State College in Florida and holds healthcare experience across a wide range of areas. She is CHTS certified (TR, PW, and IS) and serves on the board for both the Albany Medical Managers Group and West Central Georgia Medical Managers. She is a member of First Baptist Church of Albany and volunteers with several community organizations such as Meals on Wheels, the Albany Homeless Coalition and  the Lee County Teen Maze. Kristy joined NEOS in 2011 and has served in various roles including project coordinator, project manager, system analyst, Manager of Professional Services and Account Executive.

  Kristy believes it is essential to spend time with clients in order to form a good relationship. She says, “Without clients, our business would be nonexistent, so I believe it is vital to offer our clients real solutions to enhance their daily operations. It is imperative we always listen to the customer and work as a partner to help them achieve the results they are hoping for. I believe we have a responsibility to the ensure we are knowledgeable on a vast array of services and then take the time to ask the right questions to understand how we can apply those services and technologies to their business. One of the greatest things about working with NEOS is that we are able to form relationships with the clients so that we can better meet their needs.”